Tired of not getting paid for your raw footage? Working on an important story that could use the extra boost of multimedia? Connect now with skilled designers and other raw content contributors to strengthen your story with relevant rich media; produce a news piece that will give your story the attention it deserves. Contributors are the life blood of news content. They are the boots on the ground, providing the raw content -- audio, photo, video -- which relays eyewitness accounts of observable facts that embellish the designer's story composition. If a Contributor doesn't like how their content was used for a story, they can add a note in the Contributor Notes section, attached to every story. Designers are unable to alter or delete these notes. Contributors also enjoy the larger percentage of Subscriptions: 70% (after Vettage's 10% to cover operating cost) -- divided by the total number of Contributors for a given story.

CONNECT with Designers CONTRIBUTE your raw media via independent link COLLECT money for your work