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Monthly and Annual Competitions in Multimedia Journalism, Winners Determined by Subscribers

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Collaborative multimedia journalism.

Raw Content Contributors
Shannon Frady

Raw Content Contributors

As the news media's boots on the ground, Raw Content Contributors earn a larger percentage of the total subscriptions than editors. The higher the subscribers rate the final piece which uses your content, the higher the percentage you are paid.

Gakuryu Ishii


As an editor, although your share of the subscription revenue is less than that of a raw media contributor, you are free to compose multiple pieces for multiple stories, from anywhere in the world. Search the database by keyword and other criteria to find content relating to your story. Again, the higher the ratings, the higher the returns.

Patrick de Bokay


Journalism is about serving the public interest. When you subscribe, you do so because you are fed up with media bias, special interest influence, and you want the kind of quality reporting which has been lost to budget cuts and ad-driven infotainment. Your ratings ensure the reporting on is important, accurate, timely and aesthetically, emotionally and intellectually engaging. Your decisions are too important to be based on anything less.


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